restaurant and bar design awards 2014 – part 2

There are just so many good entrants on the short list of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, where the winners were announced in late September in London. So it calls for a part II, to show you more of the venues that really grilled my steak. The above collection of entrants all have in common ingenuity backed up with a very strong concept based on exploration of a repeated geometry, object or visual device. They are edgy, colourful and an overwhelming theatrical escape from the everyday dining experience to make a social event really special.

Now the entries in the above group are excellent examples of the strong trend of returning to classical and retrospective styles, taking you on a journey to another era. The eclectic mixes of traditional and mid century modernist furniture set within carefully crafted heritage styled  envelopes, evoke quality and genuine experiences that perhaps even our grand parents may have courted in.

There is still a very strong international proliferation of the rustic-eclectic-industrial-grunge look in the entrant. I shied away from showing too many in this post, as I am sure it will be popular with so many patrons for years as it makes people feel comfortable. So I am showing a few here that don’t look like the all the rest. There are just so many great spaces in the 2104  shortlisted, that I am going to have to drag this one onto a part III. check out part I of the awards Images and credits from the Restaurant and Bar Design award website

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