The Topolopompo fire kitchen

The Topolopompo Fire Kitchen in Tel Aviv is one project that caught my eye in the recent Restaurant and Bar design awards. Designed by Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture, it is a very bold design statement with a with only a few elements and a simple palate of black lava stone, bamboo veneer, black veneer chairs, hexagonal tiles and brass mesh curtains weaving their way through the space, interspersed with a collection of glass and wire lanterns.  The cuisine is based on  the transcendental cross-cultural  Asian, mythical fire dragon, abstractly represented by the hexagonal tiles and scaly metallic curtains slowly slinking through the void above.

The bamboo steamer baskets stacked around the bar initially give the impression of ancient scrolls containing stories and learning, but also mimic the soft folds of the brass curtains.  They are a nice overlay and alternative to a display of alcohol. I love the organic softness of the curtains, offsetting the orthogonal geometry of the ground plane, floating like a chiffon veil to view lanterns (or peer into ones eyes) through. The result is a rigorous and architectural approach to an interior space that creates a very dramatic back drop to the theatre of patrons socialising and telling stories.

Images from Archdaily

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