sydney summertime in watsons bay

Ah summertime! I finally got round to checking out the new overhaul to Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel at  South Head of Sydney Harbour. It feels miles away from the hustle of Sydney city, yet her shiny towers are easily in view. Located near the entry to one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, its only a ferry ride away from Circular Quay. Alexander and Co have created a very relaxed and homey makeover for the grand old pub with heaps of socialising space and a very strong connection to the Harbour.

The interior of the Sunset Bar is very light and airy with a neutral palette to direct focus to the thrown open windows and doors, enjoying breezes and views of the Harbour or Norfolk pines in the adjacent park. The classic mix of oak, painted white and black timber and wicker furniture sits naturally against the timber panelled and tiled walls, taking you back to the good ol days when one got messages by telegraph. A white linen suit or palm frond print boardies are equally apt attire to lounge around and sip on a coconut flavoured rum. (Which is what I am having right now).

The Beach Club restaurant and bar is where it all happens. Our crew from Scott Carver Architecture were there midweek on a scorching January day and it was comfortably humming. Don’t these people have jobs to go to? We were there on a legit business meeting tho! The nautical and beach decorative references abound all over, without being too overdone. There is even a touch of The Hampton’s. The peppermint green pops wonderfully against the white, softened by all the potted plants and warm, rustic timber elements. Stay in one of the suites overnight, paddle board  in front of the Hotel, take a splash in the harbour at Camp Cove or do the spectacular South Head historic walk.

Most pics by writer with a few prof’ pics from Alexander and Co’s Pinterest board.

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