cellular style in Sofia

This abstract geometrically driven space in Sofia, Bulgaria by Mode Design Studio stands out from the plethora of rustic and textured eateries with its bold plasticity. Piece of Paradise’s design was generated from the irregular hexagonal tenancy footprint, and was explored in many scales and morphing 3D patterns. The space turns its back on any classic references to become a smattering of organically multiplying forms or magnified microscopic cells morphing into each other and invading the crisp almost corporate space. It’s fun!

Mode Studio’s obsession with hexagonal cellular geometry is perfectly realised in the striking illuminated white ceiling of the otherwise black on black PM Club, also in Sofia. A very simple uncomplicated concept refined and repeated. It’s a space where the  lighting and clothes of the party peeps bring the colour to the space, but the focus is definitely upwards.

The wonderful beehive domes unite all the groovers below, into one bumping and grinding colony, to the one beat, at one point in time. Geez, the toilets are frighteningly stark. I ‘ll bet some clubbers get a shock when the look in the mirror! Love the chair on the ceiling. Must mess with some tripper’s heads.

Pics from Mode Design Studio web and Pinterest

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