retro factory Volkshotel

Very retro-funky is the Volkshotel, which brands itself as “a hotel for single moms, for stockbrokers and punk rockers, for dandies and poets, for dishwashers, biologists, night bloomers, artists – it’s a hotel for everyone!” This hip, urban hangout is situated in former printing house of the Dutch daily de Volkskrantin, the centre of Amsterdam and is designed by Steven Steenbruggen and Bas van To.  It’s a morphed social hub for travellers, artists, nightclubbers, entrepreneurs, and dedicated foodies, rather than just a place for travellers to sleep or escape.

This 172 room + 9 special suites hotel has all the hallmarks of a happening urban social hotel with a ground floor mixed up lobby/café/car/lounge and a rooftop informal brassiere, Canvas, which  turns into a nightclub later, attracting a cultured house/rave crowd. There is also a basement cocktail bar Doka, “where life happens in the dark, cocktails are shaken and performers are obscure. This is where you can let things get out of hand and still remain invisible.”

But it’s not so cool it doesn’t have meeting rooms – “where working hard usually leads to playing harder.” The crossroads of artists, entrepreneurs and the business city suits. The room pics speak for themselves with the retro-rumpus room feel of makeshift sleeping things in a random shaped space.

Images from Pinterest and the Volkshotel sites and property info from TabletHotels

if you dig this, checkout CitizenM

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