dishy classics; hollyhock house

Ok, so this isn’t a hospitality space, but I’m sure it has seen a few parties. Frank LLoyd Wright’s Hollyhock house at Olive Hill Art Park in LA designed in 1921 for oil magnate heiress, Aline Barnsdall, has recently undergone a 5 year restoration. It is a superb design museum in itself to FLR’s unique style, and is now open to the public, (for $7 a visit). Its Mayan Revival monumental style and carefully conceived proportions are a superb example of classical foundations in a 20th Century Modernist interpretation.

The House is arranged around a central courtyard, has multiple split levels and roof terraces, a moat, bass relief grand fireplace and splayed external buttress walls harking to the Mayan Temple. The pulsating rhythms of stepped horizontal and vertical planes, colonnades and windows of this property are extreme beauty and the soft pink render provides a calming backdrop to the repeated stylised Deco Hollyhock flower motifs. It’s an introvert, with small windows externally and expansive windows facing the internal courtyard. For all it’s beauty, Aline Barnsdall never lived in it and donated it to the city of LA. The photos of the renovation depict a wonderful journey, led by the strong horizontality and genteel level changes. This style would make an incredible resort!

Amazing bespoke interior detailing and craftsmanship. Imagine the drawings.

Photos by Brian Feinzimer, in LA Weekly,  info from Barnsdall Org

If you like this era, check out  Swine and Dine



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