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Hotel Realm in Canberra is part way through a renovation, potentially lining it up to become the latest destination hotel for Australia’s capital. Here is a sneak peak of the story so far – the suites, ballroom and meeting rooms. Canberra’s only AAA rated 5 Star hotel is designed by Redgen Mathieson, whom also created the Doma Hotel group’s other property, the very slick n serious Burbury Hotel, just around the block.

The style harks back to the refined minimalism of the 90’s, (so it’s retro already?). With its clean lines, strong orthogonal geometry, recessed cove lighting and very limited and subdued materials palette, it is very much a Zen space following Japanese design philosophies. Pure spaces uncluttered with stuff, to enable one’s mind rest after jostling with politics and bureaucrats in the political heart of Oz. Its calming alternative (and complete opposite) to the likes of latest wave of hip, lifestyle “lounge room” hotels such as Hotel Hotel around the corner or CitizenM and The Line Hotel further afield. There is still certainly room in the hotel market place for the seriously stylish savvy slumber!

I guess I can’t not show you their other hotel, The Burbury, now. Its dark baby, real dark. Well, the public areas anyway. Such a swank business for a serious suit with a swagger. Too hip I think for Australia’s raw onion eating, internationally embarrassingly, gaffing politicians. Donchya think? You wont see them here.

Images from the Hotel’s websites

If this flicked your bean, you may like Le Meridien Zhengzhou


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