Mikkeller and Friends

Mikkeller and Friends 4

Mikkeller and Friends in Copenhagen is not your average looking pub. Fresh, bright and simple, it’s distinctly Danish, in it’s simple forms expressed in bleached timber, floating on a sea of aqua. This little pub designed by Studio-K and Rum4 in collaboration has 40 beers on tap, just in case you and your friends are extra fussy.

Certainly not a cosy winter’s pub, Mikkeller and Friends takes advantage of the corner site, with light streaming in from two sides, making sense of a soft and crisp finishes palate that is usually more associated with a beachside venue. I fid it intriguing that it is considered a “masculine expression” on the website. This microbrewery also has other bars in Stockholm, Bangkok, San Fran and another in the pipes for San Diego. Now that’s really spreading the love for a small operator!

Images from Frameweb and Retail Design Blog

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