point yamu by como

Point Yamu Resort on Phuket is on of nine properties under the Como Banner. What I like about this newcomer is that Interior designer, Paola Navone has gone for more of a funky city chic look rather than the predictable resort palate of thatch rooves, bamboo, timber, neutrals and white. The external building cladding of steel mesh and wire gives a contemporary and transparent edge to the beauty of its natural location. The building becomes a lantern at night.

The pops of blues and burnt orange set against white and  greys are invigorating and fresh rather than calming. But when all of the 106 rooms/suites and public areas have ocean views, who really needs a calming colour scheme? The design is integrated well into existing architecture of Jean-Michele Gathy, where expansive space and changes in scale of volumes, creates either intimacy or a sense of freedom and release. I love the big phat columns sitting on a horizon edge water feature in the main lobby space.

Fresh is best, which is what the rooms and suites are all about, with bathrooms sized and detailed for some serious personal spoilage. The Mediterranean influences of the mother brand are evident in all areas and a refreshing fusion with Thai references. The woven rattan corridors linking destinations within the resort have understandably been well used in fashion shoots. Imagine the light quality and shadows at various times of the day. Images from Mr & Mrs Smith, Pantip & Pinterest

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