Kiyomi – not only the Japanese citrus fruit hybrid created in 1949, but the new creation by Luchetti Krelle in collaboration with Steelman Partners, just Landed on Jupiter’s (Casino Gold Coast, Australia), not the far flung planet it used to be. I had a recent trip to “The Goldie” (or is it Goldy?) I dunno .. . . . and it has really grown up of late. There are some cool spots, not to mention some of the fittest looking people on the planet.

Luchetti Krelle always seem to create culinary environments with a strong and unique connection to the cuisine and ethnicity of the food offering, often in a flamboyant manner. Kiyomi has a rather more restrained and formal language and spatial arrangement. Rather appropriate for Japanese fare, one would think.The menu is created by Chase Kojima who lead kitchens for Nobu in Las Vegas, Dubai, London, Los Angeles and the Bahamas, before founding Sokyo restaurant at The Star, Sydney Casino.


Images from Luchetti Krelle site

Check out Topolopompo

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