refined order of Gia Jakarta

Gia Italian restaurant and Whiskey Bar in Jakarta by Australian design firm, Hecker Guthrie recently won best hospitality design in the 2015 Belle Interior Design Awards. And I can see why. It’s super slick and sophisticated, using a pure tonal palate, devoid of any hue. I think it’s a rather ground breaking and original design where the virtual absence of colour allows you to appreciate the play in scale of geometric rectangular, circular and chevron patterns underpinning the concept of the design.

The cleverly constructed geometric compositions on all planes and surfaces are calming in their subtlety, as the human eye naturally searches for order and patterns. Almost like a meditation on gradually shifting regularity found in Islamic art and Tibetan Mandalas. These organised graphic arrangements in the space remind me of the early 1900’s precursors of Deco,  Bauhaus and Suprematism works of Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Malevich. Here “the supremacy of pure form allows non-objective true artistic feeling”.

Throw in some gently curving bentwood chairs with human form, and the monochrome geometric order becomes the detailed backdrop for a refined social overlay of the theatre of human from and  interaction. Who ever would have thought that mathematical geometry could be so sexy? The team at HG are onto something.

Images from Hecker Guthrie site by Oetomo and Gia’s Facebook page

If this grills your steak, check out the Fire Kitchen


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