Mondrian – The London Look

mondrian london 4 One of the hottest openings to happen in London lately has been the Mondrian from Morgans Hotel Group, with interior designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio.  The boutique portfolio of Morgans Hotel Group of seven properties are immersive, transformative and deeply engaging; embracing irony and style, elegance and luxury, with strong and daring vision. The 359 keyed hotel sits proudly at Southbank on the Thames in the well known 1970’s Sea Containers building with superb views over London, and just a skip over to the West End.

True to our expectations of Tom Dixon style, there is plenty of curvaceous retro inspired forms and a riot of rich luxurious colour mixed with gold and natural surfaces. Whoever said, “Pink and green, shall not be seen, …”! The boldness and sense of fun accompanies that of the other Morgan Hotels, entrenching this small stylish brand as the hotels to be seen in and live to the fullest, when away from home.

Throwing so much colour together into one property and often into a single space, is a risky and daring adventure. There are plenty of hotels that do it without restraint and end up looking like a  regurgitated fruit salad. It’s a bit like a truly great colourful abstract painting. It may look simple, but getting that delicate colour balance of hues that sing together with the right amount of space in between, takes an intuitive understanding of complimentary colour and confidence in how it’s assembled. It’s certainly been a success here, helped by the intensity of colour that velvet brings to the furniture and keeping the architectural elements neutral.

There are container loads of funkiness, glamour and sophistication to this 5 star property to make guests feel like rockstars on a bender, even if just travelling for business. Images from Design Boom and Morgans Hotel Group Websites If this is your kind of hotel, check out Sezz in Paris

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