Fasano – the Budding Brazilian empire to watch

Fasano Punta del Este 1Fasano Punta del Este665 Ever since visiting the Fasano hotel in Ipanema, Rio, I have been keeping an eye on this Italian family owned, culinary boutique hotel group. The Fasano’s have been running restaurants for over a hundred years in Brazil and only in the last 6 years have been opening up the most exquisite and understated boutique hotels, with 3 in Brazil and recently expanded into Punta del Este, Uruguay.

True to the group’s Italian heritage, all the properties exude an earthy elegance, transcendental style and homely uncontrived sense of belonging. The almost Brutalist architecture of the “bungalows” sit in beautiful contrast to the stunning rural landscape and the simple bunker geometry allows nature to be the resort feature. There is a choice of 20 x 60m2 bungalows and 12 x 100m2 suite bungalows, (to me they are elegant bunkers). The architect, Isay Weinfeld signature use of long panoramic slot windows, must frame and exaggerate the sweeping views.

Punta del Este is known as a beach resort, but the property aims to combine easy enough beach access with a sense of pastoral seclusion. Beach, rural, the finest urban luxuries and excellent cuisine = winning combo! Images from Fasano and TabletHotels check out this Fellah

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