minimal Pavilion aussie style


Social spaces can sometimes be iconic objects in a landscape, permanent or temporary. The MPavilion by Sean Godsell Architecs graced Melbourne’s Victoria Gardens over the summer months of 2014 for recitals, presentations, lectures, readings and performances.  ” It plays on the hay sheds and barns, shearers’ sheds and verandahs of the outback that  are Australia’s meeting rooms and community centres. We congregate in these rudimentary structures and host weddings, balls, meetings about impending drought or inevitable fire. They are potent places.”

This zen minimalist boxy object transforms like a swan spreading its wings into a delicate public shelter that is reminiscent of a windblown sculpture. The  simple orthogonal 12mx12m steel structure has a glazed roof and fully automated outer skin. It provides shade and shelter and filters the harsh sun. It’s precedent can be seen on distant hills and far horizons in the Australian outback.

Images and info from Sean Godsell Architects

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