vida downtown dubai


Apologies, it’s been a while between posts, but I have been a bit busy moving hemispheres! So to celebrate, I am sharing with you my incredible first hotel stay in Dubai. The wonderful boutique hotel Vida was recently rebranded and refurbished by LW Design Group…(ahem, the reason why I have relocated). So I shall be unashamedly biased here. Elegant yet simple, Vida is a new brand of Emaar Hospitality Group which brings inspiring simplicity and sophisticated energy, to the younger generation leisure and business traveller.

This 156 room, 6 story hotel literally sits in the shadow of the very famous Burj Khalifa. Which, I have to say is really one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings I have ever experienced. It mesmerizingly changes with daily light conditions. Back to Vida, this stunning boutique hotel is in no way dwarfed by it’s monumental neighbour. More, the contrast with so many glass hotel towers in Dubai, it allows one to appreciate the intimate and special experience of being a guest at Vida. The Arabic courtyard house style of the architecture has been subtly translated to a contemporary interpretation of the theme by the talented team at LW. (My new colleages….plug plug).

Vida is romantic without resorting to classical clichés. She is an oasis of light and intimate calmness in the hustle and bustle of one of the Worlds most rapidly developing cities. The light and simple palette is soothing, whilst the lofty lobby spaces are uplifting and the intricacy of detailing creates a personality that harks back to merchant days of Dubai’s origin. I spent a lot of my four wonderful days here sheltering in a cabana in the courtyard pool. Feeling as though the 46 degree heat of the concrete and glass jungle outside is a world away.

The rooms have the same serenity as the public spaces, with a bit of a romantic touch in the bath screens, making the 32 m2 standard rooms feel more generous. I understand it was cleverly completed on a defined budget, but it certainly feels luxurious. The staff made me feel like I was part of the family and LW’s Vida style was a light and soft landing for my new beginnings as a designer with the company.

Most photos by Birgitte Godsk of Bgodsk Images, with a few happy snaps from the author.

If you fancy Vida, check out Hotel Sahrai in Fez

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