industrial chic in kiev

Yoko 8

Yoko Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by local firm Ko+Ko Architects is dark and moody with an industrial sophistication that avoids predictable clichés. In this space, Rhythm is the answer!

There is a variety of different details going on here, which could easily be too busy, but it all hangs together seamlessly in a continuity of dark tones. The combination of curved, orthogonal and radiating lines of layered screens and finishes create a complex and unified rhythm that works just like a great piece of music. The very restrained use of muted colour subtly punctuates the dark melodies that envelop the space with latent focal points.

Yoko 7

And the dream like mural of a flared out forest softens the industrial edge and brings a surreal end to the symphony.

Images from Behance


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