civic style at sean’s kitchen


Sean’s Kitchen is a very timeless and retrospective adaptive re-use of a heritage-listed Railway Station in Adelaide, Australia by Alexander and Co. The beauty of the existing building fabric and been respected and the mood enhanced by the transformation that allows any wine or food lover to step back into the era of New York’s distilleries, delicatessen and of course, train stations of the turn of the twentieth century.

The volumous space was taken advantage of in creating two  dining experiences, a Manhattan streetscape on the ground floor and a Distillery upstairs.  One being open, urban and communal, the other an intimate, lofty discovery. Neutral, honest and earthy finishes highlight the context of these two stories. Quality classic  materials such as marbles, aged brass, timber and tiles, along with street lamp posts are true to the semi industrial aesthetic of 19th Century public spaces on ground level and the warmth of the timber and leather enhanced with subdued lighting resonate with imagined stories told in old  sepia toned photographs in the Distillery.

Alexander and Co have reimagined yet another romantic era with authentic theatrics in a grand old shell. I can see it being a hot spot for film crews. See how they create a seaside weekend shack feel for Watsons Bay Hotel.

Images from Pinterest and Total Venue by Murray Fredericks

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