The Sepia charm of MR & MRs Fox

mr & mrs Fox 8

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I cunningly discovered a new Restaurant in Quarry Bay. After a good days jungle hiking (not the urban kind either), it was a nice earthy discovery and great food. The restaurant’s rustic-meets-ritzy interiors, created by Hong Kong design studio Charlie & Rose Ltd, aims to create the fox persona portrayed in children’s classic fables. The interior design has the charm of a barn come industrial warehouse of the 19th century.

This 3 level restaurant is an offering of the Swire Group of hotels, of the Opposite House and Upper house fame. Its textured appeal has a lot of seating options and nooks to discover, creating a neighbourhood appeal that is casual and relaxed.

There is honesty and integrity to the age old finishes and the craftsmanship of all the details and connections. The overall effect is a sepia toned world trapped in an era reminiscent of Honk Kong’s beginnings in the mysterious opium trade.

Pics in the first batch are from Pinterest and The venue’s Website and the second batch are by the author, – being last peeps to leave the restaurant. (hence a little artistically blurred ;- o)

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