otis bar and restaurant

5A project I designed with Scott Carver before I departed Oz has just been completed. Yay! …….. Otis Restaurant and Bar at Rydges Hotel, Campbelltown, Sydney, was a fast track refurbishment that started as an FF&E upgrade and ended up more as a complete makeover.

The hotel GM had the idea to flip the bar and restaurant spaces over, and what better way to shake the place up! It created a better connection for the bar with the casual, protected terrace. A separation of the hotel lobby and restaurant was created via a custom wine cabinet clad with brass mesh. As some of the existing finishes were retained, and these generated the new design elements. The retained diamond pattern timber wall inspired the new angular geometry and the big brass mesh web-thingy over the bar.

The colourways created a strong distinction between the two spaces, as the Restaurant was given more subdued dusty teal hues and the bar was thrown a vibrant punch of saffron. The hearth was created on the Terrace by cladding the lift core in a rusted back-lit metal screen with a dramatic sculpture from Lump Sculpture Studio .

In the short time of operating, Otis has already been graced with some Big Aussie and American Hollywood stars, currently residing in the hotel for a locally filmed movie. (don’t go sticky beaking now).  Malaya Blonde did a great job bringing the spaces to life with their awesome lighting design and my colleagues, Shehani and Philip (Svil), were  real stars in resolving the details and bringing the project to bear fruit, during construction with Erilyan. A fun little project to work on!

Photography by Inhaus Media

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