zengo zengo zengo



Sounds good in triplicate! There are 3 good reasons why I am reviewing Zengo Restaurant in Dubai. It’s almost spitting distance from my balcony, my current, talented colleagues at LW Design Group  designed it, and I am now knee-deep working on the latest Zengo in the region! Zengo is artful blend of Asian Fusion/Latin American style cuisine from celebrity Chefs Richard Sandoval & Akmal Anuar, located directly on the beach in the Le Royal Meridien Resort at Dubai Marina.  Sandoval Restaurants has over 26 restaurants around the globe exploring different Latin fusion combinations.

Elements that most of Sandoval’s restaurants have in common are the warmth and richness of natural materials, overlayed with an ethnic influence and a stunning location. It was the location and circular geometry of this venue that inspired the LW team to follow a tangent skewed by Oriental martial arts with a James Bond Sixties-retro bent. Is that a genre?…possibly?

Like all free-flowing martial arts, the circular form of the building was used as its own best weapon to deliver a smooth punch you never saw coming. Moving through the space is full of subtle surprises, as areas unfold from behind curved rod screens and open out onto the spectac’ terrace with very Zen sunset views. Most of the restaurant feels like a lounge – the best way to dine in a resort environment.

The funky furniture selections  and groupings, semi enclosed by rod screens, creates lots of cosy little intimate groupings, perfect for a fab bunch of friends or starry-eyed duos. I like they way the combination of forms, angular and curved lines and tonal mix,  have generated enough variety in the space, to negate the need for colour. The crew at LW have managed to create a dynamic, yet relaxed and unpretentious sophisticated environment, perfect to explore the exotic flavours and food presentation on offer from Sandoval. And of course all spaces open to the terrace, where you can watch the big ol orange  Arabian sun slide away over the Gulf sea to the beats of the DJ. The next Zengo has even better views.

Photos in the first group by Brigitte Godsk, others from Zengo site and project snaps. Can you spot the renders from the photos??

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