super Slick Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu


ronald Lu 9

City sophistication graces every aspect of the slick Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu by Resort by Ronald Lu and Partners, from Honkers. There is formal elegance created by rhythmic repetition at multiple scales in all areas of this property, making the simplicity of the style, quite complex.

The architectural language of the buildings has been consistently carried to the interior of this  rural lakeside resort operated by Starwood. The softness of the natural setting is a stunning contrast to the urban, art gallery style austerity of the interior architecture. Very calming and zen, inside and out.

The repeated lines with planar and orthogonal geometry has been softened with the occasional organic patterned textile and natural striations on stone cladding. Placement of sculpture, create moments of pause and reflection.

If you have read this far into this post, you have probably understood why such an architectural approach works on hospitality?   Well, its the 20%80% ratio in art. Only less than 20% is organic in this design.

The repeated vertical lines consistently occur in the function rooms, Restaurant and guestrooms, creating a harmony of the journey throughout the resort. Ronald Lu and Partners doesn’t have an extensive portfolio of completed resort projects, but from viewing their website, it’s clear the strength of their slick  residential interior projects has guaranteed the design success of this resort for Sheraton.

Images from Ronald Lu Lu and Sheraton sites.

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