La Vita Bussola


I ended up on the deck at Bussola one warm eve recently for a colleagues going to Honkers bash. Located at the Westin Mena Seyahi (don’t ask me to pronounce), near Dubai Marina, Bussola is a fresh and airy addition to Dubai’s Italian offerings.

Designed by my talented colleges at LW Group, the interior is a refined and delicate mix of light natural finishes with just the right amount of Italianate pattern in the floor tiles and pressed metal ceiling panels. The open grain smoked oak timber gives me the vibe of Nona’s rustic kitchen, and the brass shelves and furniture details adds that timeless sophistication that s specialty restaurant in a Westin should have.

The deck is a great spot for a big rowdy group like ours, as it looks over the landscaped resort, towards the Gulf. One of the many great spots for a sunset aperitif in the area. Another Limoncello cocktail please!

Photos by Brigitte Godsk supplied by LW Group

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