Sandibe Safari Lodge


This strikingly curvacious resort, &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge in Botswana, curls into the canopy of trees like the Okavango Delta’s most shy inhabitant, the armadillo pangolin, with body armour of cedar scales. This intriguing resort is designed by Michaelis Boyd Associates collaborating with Fox & Browne of London.

The sinuous parabolic curves of the timber enclosure, must make you feel so protected and relaxed. The sloping ceilings and curved spaces, allows you to slide seamlessly from inside to out. Grand interiors open out onto even grander vistas. as the proximity of the trees continuing the sense of comfort and security, easing you into nature.

While the main guest areas embrace the shelter of the Delta forest, the twelve elevated guest bungalows peep out from beneath its canopy. The neutral tones and textures of the interiors, allow the changing colours of nature and the dramatic enclosure to feature. This sculptural eco resort nestles naturally with one of Africa’s most breath-taking landscapes. Behind the lodge, golden-grassed floodplains rich in butt right up tot he decks. A channel of clear, cool waters runs directly in front of the elevated guest suites, offering unrestricted views over the shimmering beauty of the Delta.

&Beyond owns 35 luxury lodges and camps as well as operating experiential tours.

Images from &Beyond and Pinterest

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