Slick n Sexy Sana Hotel Berlin



Last week I checked myself into the sexy Sana Hotel in Berlin for a Inspiration workation- junket trip for LW Design (Can’t complain about that for sure). From the moment I walked into the architecturally sculptural lobby, I knew it was going to be a smooth rhythmic journey. I love the simplicity of just one 3D feature finish of folded expanded gold metal mesh and every thing else just black.

The sophisticated hotel is designed by Francesc Rifé  from Barcelona and all of the public areas and F&B zones have the same moody black envelope with maybe just one carefully crafted feature element, funky colour furniture and human subjects to be the objects artfully arranged within. There is plenty of natural light from the streets on the sides and Yin to the Yang white courtyard, so the dark palate is never oppressive. One would think that with all the darkness, the glare form outside would be uncomfortable, but its not.

The hip Sana Hotel group has 17 properties, mostly around Lisbon, with 3 in Berlin and Angola. They strive for a ..”sensory project where each hotel has its own distinctive personality, nuances, flavours and hues. If everybody is different, why must all hotels be the same?”. Well this one is so me!

The rooms are slick, minimal spaces with a series of planes to open or slide to find all the functional stuff a hotel guestroom needs. The seamless grey glass wall to the bath corridor opens up the room the a single space with natural limestone and timber linings for warmth. The planar arrangement of the space with a floating platform bed is so calming and zen, I loved spending time there. Rife’s style is rather Japanese-like.

The public area toilets – the ultimate in Zen, Ying and Yang minimalism. Wonderfully glossy, spatially confusing trip.

Yep, need a trip to Lisbon now to check out some other Sana Hotels.

Pics from the hotel website and the author (think you can tell the good form the average)

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