Kyubi Modern Asian


It’s great for me to see the completion of Kyubi Modern Asian Restaurant, I designed whilst working at Scott Carver Architects in Sydney. I am often surprised how projects turn out exactly as I had envisioned them. This is no exception. This new dining experience is a pan-Asian fusion offering in southwest Sydney at the King of Clubs. As the space for this restaurant is separate from other dining areas in this entertainment venue and an upscale offering, it needed a strong presence. And so an internal entry façade was created as a first impression and identity, rather than bold signage.


In creating the concept, we rejected specific Asian iconography to avoid an eclectic mish-mash in order to reflect the menu as a modern interpretation of many Asian flavours. The contemporary design allows the menu to evolve, as the chef is inspired by new culinary influences.

The layout has a lounge bar for cocktails and shared plates and  dining area, separated by an island oval bar. The geometry of the crescent shaped footprint of the former office space, influenced the space planning and forms within. Curved booth seats with aged brass screens offers intimate dining in the centre of the space, and a long run of banquette seating to the curved perimeter, allows for flexibility of varying groups sizes. A slot window view to kitchen adds  theatre of Asian cooking, without dominating the subdued ambience of dining. The bent cane Feelgood Easy and Highback chairs seemed perfect for the arrival and lounge bar areas.

The completely internal, windowless space meant that lighting design was imperative to the success of the design. The ladies from Malaya Blonde carefully crafted pools of light and shadow for intimate moody zones whilst highlighting the feature details. Love your work MB! One element that was repeated throughout to create unity, is the vertical staggered height, rod and blade screens in different scales. The richness of Southeast Asian finishes influenced  the palate of Copper, aged brass, walnut, Mother of pearl mosaics and black edging, offset with powder blue and lime upholsteries. Tribal Asian artefacts, ( I had the opportunity to hand select), placed throughout the space, created another layer, without being easily recognisable from a particular culture.

It was so satisfying to see realisation of this design, without any alterations, thanks to the faith of the client, Michael and the support of my wonderful team at Scott Carver, Shehani, Pasquali and Phil.

Photos by Mark Syke

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