cocktails in Croatia


On my September holiday in Croatia I toured the amazing Dalmatian countryside and sailed the beautiful coastline. I discovered a few truly unique bars by chance. Upon Sailing into the Medieval town of Korcula, I self guided a kayak tour around the local passage, getting close up to the fortified towers and stopping at an 11th century Franciscan Monastry Island to converse with a wild stag.

By the time I got explore the town my G&T traveller in my kayak had well run out and I was dry as a nun! Luckily, I stumbled across a sign identifying Massimo Cocktail bar tagged onto the stair of one of the ancient cities fortified bastions. Zakerjan tower was built in 1481 under rule of the Doge of Venice. It was an amazing spot to watch the sunset in 360 panorama and imagine all of the events this small city has seen.

Entry is via a rather steep ladder through a very narrow opening. Not to be forgotten when it’s time to descend and you consider how many cocktails you have had! Certainly not accessibly or OH&S compliant. As when I found a spot in the crenulations, I was about to dump my bag behind me, only to realise the gaping hole plummeting to the rocky seashore below. Drinks arrive via a tray winched up the outside of the tower, from somewhere, I do not know. I was surprised how quickly my Mojito arrived and how potent it was.

It was wonderful to experience an historic monument with an incredible view, slowly, with a drink in hand. Cheers to the ingenuity of the operator and the initiative of the local heritage council in allowing folk to experience historic design in the best way possible!

First bunch of pics by the author and the second by Korcula Info

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