Tom Dixon’s Moody Himitsu Bar


Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio has created a rich and moody Japanese inspired cocktail bar in Atlanta, Himitsu. The rich and opulent upholstery  colours of purple and lapis lazuli are set off against raw and dark industrial finishes of the architecture. Of course, it is no surprise, there is a healthy smattering of illustrious copper, Dixon’s trademark.


The exposed precast concrete panels with honest formwork holes reference typical Japanese architectural finishes seen in the like of Tadao Ando’s works. The marble tables and moody, yet quirky central artwork add luxury to the brooding ambience.

I am very much into cocktail bars where a glowing chiaroscuro effect is created by the use of finishes, and of course, lighting. Always so flattering! Dixon’s latest Melt Pendant is the luminous focus, creating a subtly warped vibe to the main social space.

Pics from Restaurant and Bar Design awards

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