Wine and Spa at Hotel Peralada


The Hotel Peralada Wine and Spa on Spain’s Costa Brava, near the French Border has such a relaxed charm. Tarruella Trenchs Studio from Barcelona created this idyllic escape in 2016, in their typically tonal and natural unpretentious style.

The generous internal spaces are a smooth blend of rustic surfaces with minimal detailing, layered with contemporary furnishings. The combination of timbers, grey plastered walls and linen, natural limestone,  are nicely balanced with just enough black metal contrasting with whites and creams. There is enough punch in the materiality not to have to resort to colour, which is so soothing.

The overall homey Casa vibe exudes fancy  farmhouse appeal that is cross blend of Mediterranean-Danish-Shaker simplicity. I love the big workbench, come desk, come minibar, casually overlapping the huge mirror, with a asymmetry that implies no element has a defined place, and can just be wherever it ended up. I think it would be a crime to wear much colour here, and rattle the harmony of the palete.

Pics from Tarruella Trenchs Studio by Marittxell Arjalaguer

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