the Cambo all day dining


OK, so this is an unashamedly self promoting post on a restaurant  project I designed and lead whilst working for Scott Carver in Sydney. It has finally been photographed by Tyrone Branigan, and like a lot of projects, most of it turned out just how I visualised it in my head. Of course I couldn’t have done it without the awesome  team, Julia, Shehani, Paz and Svil, (Phil) and the trust from Doug Southwell and the Client Michael Lavorato.

The challenge was to transform the 450 seat all day dining offering of Campbelltown Catholic Club to a 750 seat venue. Yep, there are plenty of hungry folks in Campbelltown, and this is clearly the local go to hub, with multiple entertainment and recreational options! It certainly is the biggest restaurant I have worked on to date.

Being such a massive, convoluted and mostly internal area, with a diverse patron demographic, its seemed obvious to me, it had to be divided into four personalities, with a vibe to suite the energy of the diners. It’s proximity to back of house areas, meant that all fours zones could be serviced from just two kitchens. We divided up the spaces with clear circulation axis, with floor and ceiling design elements to help direct the folk to where we think they wanted to be. Screen elements created light facades and a sense of enclosure for diners.

“The Palms”, nearest the buffet service, designed to cater to the silver generation, is a warm and sedate space, with plenty of cosy corners, referencing the protective sense of enclosure of a palm grove. The “Kitchen Table”  with a much more vibrant, casual and bouncy vibe, was designated as a young family zone, adjacent a soundproofed play area for manic children after too much sugar.

“Embers Grill” is  a secluded, rustic hideaway for charcoal cooked meat lovers, based on the notion of weather beaten shack, specialising in craft beers from all around Australia. “The Terrace” is a fresh,  courtyard oriented annex, with high timber ceilings and a summer resort simplicity, suited for larger, rowdier groups and sports fans. Thanks to the gals from Malaya Blonde for the fab lighting design.

It’s so gratifying, seeing projects built.

Photography from the talented Tyrone Branigan

There is also a more intimate venue, KYUBI,  upstairs

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