Tropical colonial boutique, The Fort Printers


On a short trip to Sri Lanka, I stumbled into the Fort Printers Hotel, whilst exploring the UNESCO  World Heritage listed fortified city of Galle, southern Sri Lanka. Originally colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch took over and created the substantial fortress walls in 1663, completely enclosing the city and still intact to date. The Brits then bumped out the Dutch, as they often did. Galle is a wonderful city to explore on foot, with a romantically rich mix of colonial styles from the occupiers, and even richer mix of cultures of Sinhalese, Tamils, Buddhists, Christians and Muslim descendants from earlier Arab settlers.

This little boutique hotel is smack in the middle of town and has quite a noticeable arched façade, that almost looks like a colonial government building. It only has thirteen rooms, six of which open into the internal courtyard in the first image above. The other courtyard holds a small lap pool, for a quick refreshing interlude in your day with café adjacent. There is a lofty ceilinged restaurant and lounge directly off the street which was how I stumbled upon this gem. The rustic, ochre patina walls of the pool courtyard make nice contrast to the pure white of the rest of the property, and the slick minimalist chairs create a contemporary edge.

The upper level guestrooms and suites vary in layout along with the heritage building, but all have simple modern timber furnishings, allowing the colonial architectural details and  spaciousness to feature. You will find it a joy to wander the streets and ramparts of Galle, and retreat to on of the many boutique hotels like this, only when the humidity gets too much.

Photos by the author, with guestroom pics from the hotel website.

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