Only You…. Madrid


I just spent a week exploring the glorious, grand, yet rather chilled and friendly Iberian capital, Madrid. Staying in the funky Chueca district, I stumbled across Only You Hotel and had a bit of a nosey around. Madrid is one of those cities, you can easily discover on foot, as there are no boring or scary bits in between all the must see spots, so I walked my arse off. (And danced it off a bit too ;-0). Only You is a grand little boutique hotel in an old mansion where the F&B outlets have a strong connection to the street buzz of Chueca.


img-45-oy-sala-platos570The Spanish colonial style of the mansion drives the design by Lázaro Rosa Violán, but doesn’t restrict the experience to being a time warp. There are lots of exaggerated elements, such as the opulent reception space and lift lobby,  to amp up the lux factor in OTT imperial Spanish style. The beauty of the surrounding streets, such as the Gran Via is amplified by the interior spaces. For a small hotel, there are a lot of F&B zones with strong personalites to explore in your stay.

And wait,  there is a funkier sister hotel, just down the Paseo Del Prado, Only You Atocha.

Its got a casual eclectic retro seventies vibe, which is a real escape from all the grandiose archi-porn all over Madrid. How much can you take? The rooms are almost rustic.

Both hotels are part of the Palladium Hotel Group,  a Spanish hotel chain which manages 50 hotels under nine funky brands, in six countries: Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Sicily and Brazil.

All pics bar the ostrich are from the hotel’s website

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